… one woman’s discovery of the language of trees and the profound conversations that led her out of hardship and into love.

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About the book

Conversations with a Tree is an invitation back to love. Rashana shows you how to experience for yourself the wisdom and healing that the trees have to offer. She reveals scientific research that confirms the benefits of being among the trees and the connection between all life. Wherever there is a tree you have a guide. The trees have shown Rashana pure, unconditional love and they stand as sentinels, waiting to offer you the same. Imagine finding peace and guidance, just by being among the trees. This is the potential that awaits in the beautiful messages in Conversations with a Tree.


From Henrietta, the tree:

For you see, we are part of the Creator itself, as are you. We are part of the natural world that holds the core essence of the creative force of God, or All That Is. By connecting with us you are connecting with the origins of your soul.


From Henrietta:

The wise soul is one that accepts what is – being aged, perhaps loss of mobility that comes with that. They do not see it as a loss, they see it as an invitation to slow down. And by this grace the cycle unfolds easily and joyfully. Without resistance, life is able to flow with ease. So many humans resist the flow.


From George, another tree:

You live fully off the land, you stray from the land, you come back to the land. Each part of the cycle is driven by a desire for something new. And each time you come back to zero point you start again at a new level on the spiral. Yes, you move back to the same point where you started but at a higher level of existing. This is where humanity is at this time in your evolution.


From George:

When you walk by a tree it knows you are there and it sends out a field of Light or energy as you pass by. It is our role to be supportive to all of nature and so we do this to support you in your lives. We pull our energy from the All That Is the same way you do.


The Invitation

The great philosopher Hermann Hesse once said, “Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.” Order now and discover for yourself the many blessings the trees have to offer.

About Author



Rashana is a mother of two, living on the west coast of Canada. Conversations with a Tree is her third book. Along with her writing and guided meditations, she is also the founder of Rashana Sound Essences, Soulful Seminars with Rashana and the Freedom Release Technique. She has been working as an alternative therapist for the last fifteen years and has appeared on national television and several radio shows.

Rashana’s ability to connect with the unseen realm began to awaken twenty years ago. Despite this, being invited into conversation with a tree came as a complete surprise, expanding her connection with the natural world. Rashana is living her soul purpose, touching people around the globe, being of service through her work. Many are moved by the clarity of what she offers and the energy of love that comes through her.

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